Which Wood Makes the Best Desk?

While nearly any type of wood can be used for desks, the best wood desk will be made of hardwood. Today, some furniture makers are using metals and glass for desks because of their modern, sleek aesthetic and their solid qualities. But wood continues to be a classic for a reason. Few metal desk makers take care to create a quality piece of furniture that will last generations. Wood warms up a space and reflects time-honored traditions—like value and integrity. These traditions integrate well with Amish-made furniture traditions of craftsmanship and sustainability.
Most Amish-made desks specialize in hardwoods—especially, maple, oak, and cherry. Each one of these makes excellent solid wood furniture that lasts for generations. All of them have different qualities, providing the buyers of Amish office furniture with a wide range of choices.


Out of these, maple is used most often for desks. Maple is one of the hardest woods, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas such as businesses and home offices with children around. Despite its durability, maple can be bent using steam. Its bendability and adaptations to different stains make it a highly customizable choice. A maple desk can fit into home offices as well as busy workplaces. It can fit a new, trendy workstation as well as a more traditional office.


Oak is also a highly durable wood, scratching rarely. Its open grain draws attention to the beauty of the wood. Many Amish-made desks are made in mission and traditional style use oak because of its hardness and plain-style beauty. Oak works well in more traditional settings.


Cherry brings a rich, reddish look, warming up any room. This wood type works well in traditionally decorated rooms. The straight grain of the wood brings an understated elegance to each piece of desk. It can scratch, however, and does not hold up well to use by children.

Where you can buy a wooden desk

Amish Crafted Furniture contains a breathtaking variety of the best wood desks, and you can check out their selection here on amishcraftedfurniture.net. You’ll find a variety of woods, stains, and styles. Each room is brightened and warmed by wood furniture, and Amish office furniture is some of the best available.


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