Amish made furniture is a popular option for many people furnishing their homes because of the attractive styles, long lasting quality, and customization options available for this unique category of hardwood furniture.

Attractive Styles

An assortment of modern Amish made bookcases

An assortment of modern Amish made bookcases

Contrary to popular opinion, Amish furniture is not stuck in the past but is continually evolving in style. Amish craftsmen may be primitive in their means of living but they are progressive when it comes to staying up to date with the styles and colors of their furniture. You can find styles of furniture ranging from traditional and shaker to rustic and modern. Some Amish builders even employ English designers to help them stay up to date with the times.

Long Lasting Quality

Amish woodworking

Amish craftsman sanding a piece of furniture

Amish craftsmen use American hardwoods and time-tested woodworking techniques to create furniture that will stand the test of time. Their patient woodworking skills are honed from a simpler lifestyle. This style of craftsmanship ensures that no shortcuts are taken when making a piece of furniture. When you buy a piece of Amish-made furniture you can rest assured that each piece is guaranteed to last for many years to come.

Customization Options

Staining process for Amish made furniture

Staining process for Amish-made furniture

Since Amish furniture is made on a smaller scale than big box store furniture, the customization options are endless. Desks can be made to fit the size of your office, bookcases can be made to fit a small corner in your home, and you can choose the wood species and stain color for your dining table. Being able to choose the size, wood, stain, fabric, and hardware makes Amish-made furniture appealing for many people.

If you are furnishing your dining room, living room, office, or bedroom then you may want to consider buying Amish-made furniture. With attractive styles, quality craftsmanship, and unique customization, Amish furniture is the perfect way to make your house a home.