The Advantages of Amish Poly Furniture

There’s no denying the phenomenal quality displayed in each piece of hand-crafted Amish furniture. Amish woodworkers put great time and effort into every project they undertake, and the end result serves as a striking exhibition of woodworking skill.

Traditional wooden furniture, while top-notch in quality, also comes with an unfortunate drawback in that it can’t be left outside. If left outdoors too long, furniture can become adversely affected by the elements. Outdoor furniture must also be painted and sealed regularly, or it will begin to fade, crack, and eventually splinter.

Fortunately, the Amish are skilled furniture-makers, and they have more than one method of constructing their widely renowned furniture.

They also make furniture from a substance known as polywood. Often referred to as simply “poly,” this type of furniture is specifically made for the outdoors. Poly lawn furniture is built to stand up to the outside elements, including rain, snow, and ice. It can also withstand the coldest winter nights, as well as the searing summer heat.

So, what’s the secret? How are the Amish able to construct this unique type of outdoor furniture?

Interestingly, they don’t use real wood, and therefore no lumber from trees is used in the process. Instead, they utilize recycled material, often taken from plastic, post-consumer waste, as a lumber substitute. This poly “lumber” is U.V. stabilized, and thus it will not crack, fade, or splinter when exposed to outdoor elements.

After going through a decontamination process, the substance is compounded into a plastic, board-like material that acts as a substitute for lumber. Using this material, Amish craftsmen are able to assemble remarkable pieces of outdoor lawn furniture that are built to last a lifetime.

This type of furniture offers numerous benefits, to both the Amish craftsmen making the pieces, as well as to the customers who buy these exceptional products.

To begin with, the fact that no trees are used allows the craftsmen to save their lumber. To Amish woodworkers, trees are obviously a valuable commodity, and using poly “lumber” as a substitute allows these accomplished professionals to store up some of their most vital inventory.

And for the customer, the benefits of using poly furniture are many-sided. Unlike other outdoor furniture, these pieces never require painting or sealing. They can be left outside all year round, and they’re resistant to powerful substances, such as oil.

In addition, the furniture is easy to clean off, as all it typically takes is a good scrubbing with soap and water.

These fine lawn pieces are also available in a variety of colors, and in most cases, the furniture doesn’t fade. The one exception can be found with the more brightly colored furniture pieces, which can lose some of their brilliance if left in direct sunlight for several years.

Amish Poly Lawn Furniture is a truly unique product that provides a great deal of convenience to the customer. These low-maintenance furniture pieces are specifically made for enjoying quality time outdoors with family and friends, and most importantly, they are built to last a lifetime.


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