A Custom Bed that is Easy to Assemble: The Holin Bed

Over recent years, we’ve seen a rise in easy-to-assemble furniture that can be shipped right to your door. However, not all options have been good quality or affordable. We knew we’d like to invest in the self-assembled furniture trend as an online retailer of quality Amish-crafted furniture, but only if we could find a product that met our niche. That’s why we were delighted to discover Holin (an American hardwood bedr company with Amish heritage) and their easy-to-assemble bed.

What is the Holin Bed?

Queen Poplar Bed: FC Baltic stain with Ivory Cloth Headboard

The Holin Bed is a customizable bed that can be delivered directly to you with as little packaging and assembly required. The bed is made from hardwoods with a trendy modern, minimalistic design that offers space-saving features without sacrificing durability and beauty. Choose from a variety of stains and headboard options. The Holin bed comes in all sizes ranging from King to Twin size. After you pick your style you can get it shipped directly to your door!

Why This is an Easy-to-Assemble Bed

No matter which custom features you choose, the Holin bed can be assembled in 10 minutes or less. The instructions are simple, and  This quick assembly and durable build is made possible through a method known as Japanese joinery. Unlike other forms of joinery, Japanese joinery connects wooden components without the use of adhesives or metal fasteners such as nails or screws. This process ensures that the wood connects tightly and won’t require extra tools from the customer. Over 90% of the Holin bed is assembled through this method.

Customize and Buy

Bed frame in a room setting

Our beds are made for overall comfort and ease. Each Holin bed is easy to assemble with Japanese joinery and is curated by our team with an elegant, space-saving design. With a 15” lift, there’s plenty of space beneath each bed for storage and easy access for cleaning. The craftsmanship of the Holin Bed is stylish, enduring, and reliable. We will offer you nothing less.

Customize and buy your Holin Bed today.


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