Top Questions to Ask When Shopping for Amish-Crafted Furniture

The quality of Amish-crafted furniture is unquestionably superior to that of mass-produced factory products. Buying a high-quality piece of furniture supplies a need while also bringing beauty into your home and environment. Well crafted furniture can last for decades and become a treasure for multiple generations. Making a thoughtful purchase is important. Here are a few questions to consider when making your decision to buy Amish-made furniture.

What dimensions will best fit where I want my furniture placed?

Whether you are considering a small or spacious area, be sure to measure the space before you begin shopping. It is impossible and uncomfortable to cram in an item that is too large, and one that is too small may prove impractical in use or unbalanced in aesthetic.

What will I be using this furniture for?

Some furniture such as desks, cabinets, or dressers may require more consideration than straightforward items such as chairs or stools. Consider things such as the drawers, cubbyholes, and shelves. Are they the proper size? Will they hold everything I need it to? Is it arranged in a manner that makes sense to me? Will it facilitate a smooth workflow?

How will this furniture be treated?

The answer to this question can help you decide which type of wood is appropriate. Will it be used or treated roughly? If so, it would be best to choose a hard wood that will withstand the scuffs of life and help the furniture retain its loveliness.

What is the decor and style of the room wherein this furniture will reside?

What color and design is the best fit for the room? Interior design experts recommend keeping the furniture tones in a room similar to each other. The wood need not be identical, but keeping the undertones in the same family (warm, cool, neutral) helps bring cohesive structure to a room.

Can the furniture be customized to better fit my needs?

There are many benefits to buying Amish-made furniture, but one of the most outstanding benefits is the potential for customizing to meet an individual’s needs and tastes.

How long until I can bring my furniture home?

In a world of convenience and stores with ready to eat, ready to wear, mass produced merchandise, it can be challenging to shift our shopping expectations from immediate gratification to a slower turn around. If you happen to be on a time schedule, make sure you know how long until your order will be finished before committing to the purchase.

What is the return policy?

Sometimes, even after the most careful consideration and planning, life brings you an unanticipated change of plans. Check with the store of your choice on their return policy before ordering or making a purchase. Ideally you will not need it, but it is best to have a back up plan in case unforeseen circumstances happen.

As you begin and end your search for that perfect piece of Amish-crafted furniture, remember to relax and enjoy the process. Take the time to ask the questions, conduct the research, and make the necessary connections. In doing so, you can choose your purchase with confidence.


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