Although Mission and Shaker are two types of furniture that will always be extremely popular, when shopping for hand-crafted Amish furniture, it’s definitely worthwhile to familiarize oneself with the other styles as well.



Bentwood is a truly unique style of Amish furniture. As its name suggests, this type of furniture is made by wetting the wood, either by soaking it or steaming it, and then bending it into aesthetically pleasing curves and shapes.

As might be expected, rocking chairs are a popular item made from Bentwood. You’ll find a nice selection of these rockers when you shop on our site, but there are plenty of other Amish-crafted Bentwood items that can’t be overlooked. These include tables, chests, stools, bookshelves and bedroom furniture.

It’s also worth noting that some of the other styles of furniture, such as Rustic, can be made from Bentwood. Hickory is the predominant wood used to construct these fine pieces, although wormy chestnut, wormy maple and walnut can also be used.

Bentwood Glider

Barn Wood

Another well-liked style of Amish furniture is known as Barn Wood. As was the case with Bentwood, there’s much to take from the name itself. Barn Wood is made from reclaimed wood taken from old barns and other wooden structures.

Highly skilled Amish woodworkers are able to salvage this aged wood by kiln-drying the individual pieces, thus eradicating the impurities. The lack of moisture in the dried wood allows it to be stored, sometimes for many years, before being used again to make superb pieces of hand-crafted furniture.

One of the more interesting facts regarding Barn Wood is that it was originally exposed to the outside elements, usually for long periods of time. Eventually, this exposure creates what is known as a patina on the wood. This patina gives antique wood its esteemed, elegant look, and it helps provide Barn Wood style Amish furniture with its timeless appearance.

Dining tables and chairs are among the most popular Barn Wood items, but there are also a variety of desks, beds, chests and other tables, all of which can be found and purchased at  

Barn Wood Farmhouse Bed


Unlike Bentwood and Barn Wood, Colonial style furniture is not renowned for some unique or interesting method of construction. Instead, this style is known more for its appearance and functionality.

In Colonial times, one basic piece of furniture was often used for multiple functions, since space in the home was usually at a premium. High-backed Colonial style chairs, for instance, were used for a variety of roles within the household, including sitting, dining, reading, working and even storage.

In addition to their diverse functionality, Colonial pieces are also known for their unmistakable, classic appearance. They may be more basic than some other styles, in terms of construction, but these exquisitely made hand-crafted pieces fully reflect the beauty and elegance of the American Colonial period.

Colonial Set


The final style of furniture we’ll examine in this post is known as Rustic style. When thinking of the term “rustic,” the words “natural” and “unsophisticated” may immediately come to mind.

While these descriptions aren’t necessarily wrong, to assume that this style of furniture lacks top-notch craftsmanship would be a big mistake. Rustic furniture can sometimes require a great deal of labor in order to achieve the desired “natural look” its maker is going for, especially if the piece is made using the Bentwood process discussed above.

Dining tables and chairs, desks, coffee tables, end tables, bars and bar stools are some of our more popular Rustic pieces. We also offer Rustic television stands and entertainment centers, along with bedroom furniture.

Rustic furniture may be simplistic in terms of its design, but with its earth-toned colors and sturdy appearance, this unique style of hand-crafted Amish furniture is growing more popular by the day.

Rustic Dining Table